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AC1004 Three Speed Blower Motor
Most universal. Produces the highest torque and speed rating for its class. 3"dia. motor with 5/16" ..
AC1018 4-1/2" Dia Blower Wheel
4-1/2" dia 3-1/2" deep 5/16" shaft Universal side...
AC1031 Blower Wheel
MX-8 & 9 single inlet blower wheel. 5-3/4" dia 2-1/2" deep. Right and Left specific...
AC1059 Blower Asembly
Fits unit MX-11X. Completely assembled and tested. Includes high torque 3-speed motor with 4-1/2" di..
AC1060 Motor
12 volt, single shaft motor. Permanent magnet, single speed, reversible rotation. 3" dia. 1-1/4" sha..
AC3010 Single Shaft Blower Asembly
Fits Turbo, Vortex and X-Treme Will operate as variable or 3-speed option CFM 300 ..
ACBLW002 Blower Asembly
Fits Turbo II, Vortex and MaxAir 3 Will operate as variable or 3-speed option CFM 637 ..
ACHDW109 Resistor for #AC-MTR020
Resistor for #AC-MTR020..
ACMTR015 Replacement Small Dual-Shaft Blower Assembly
Fits X-Press 407 CFM ..
ACMTR020 Replacement Dual-Shaft Large Bus Evaporator
Will operate as variable or 3-speed option ..
ELP1004 Three Speed Fan Switch
Rotary type fan switch, 12 volt, 5 terminal, 3/8" mounting shoulder, and 20-25 amp rating. Size: 1" ..
ELP1004K Dimmer Switch Knob
Plastic Dimmer Switch Knob for 1/4" Shaft. ..
ELP1005K Fan Switch Knob
Spun aluminum rotary knob with allen set screw. Designed for 1/4" shaft. ..
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