Smart Touch Electrical System

Smart Touch is simply the most advanced electrical system ever developed for the aftermarket automotive industry. Utilizing the latest in touch-screen technology and fuseless circuit board design. Smart Touch incompasses the ultimate in aesthetics, functionality
and reliability.

Both the IOM, Input Output Module or "brain of the system", as well as the driver and passenger touch screens have cutom injection molded enclosures to ensure the finest fit and finish to our system. Smart Touch has the flexibility to match any builders’ needs. Every vehicle built can be customized through our advanced programming technology, or software set-ups can be easily stored and then loaded through a single code for a production manufacturing environment.

Smart Touch is also available with our proprietary/ patent-pending wireless design that enables users to download an app to control any function in the vehicle with their iPad or smartphone. Smart Touch is currently available to all vehicle builders. 

Smart Touch™ is currently available to all vehicle builders, comes with an unlimited mile 12-month warranty on parts & labor, and is supported though Infinite's friendly technical support team.

(Installation software upgrades are not covered under warranty. Please go to Software Downloads page for software installations at no charge.  If customer is unable to do software upgrade and part has to be sent to manufacturer, customer will be charged for cost of upgrade and shipping cost).

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SMT007020 Smart Touch System V2.0
REDEFINING THE WAY YOU RIDE. The Most Advanced Electrical System Ever Developed For the After..
SMT004536 Smart Touch System w/ Dual Passenger
  REDEFINING THE WAY YOU RIDE. The Most Advanced Electrical System Ever Developed For t..
 SMT7030 Smart Touch Driver TCP V2.0
Featuring the New Enhanced V2.0 Driver TCP Updated graphics, improved performance, and m..
SMT7035 Smart Touch Passenger TCP V2.0
Featuring the New Enhanced V2.0 Passenger TCP Updated graphics, improved performance, IR..
SMT004539 Smart Touch IOM Power Unit
The input output module, brain of the Smart Touch, was engineered to withstand the toughest con..
SMT005550 Smart Touch Wifi Module
The optional Smart Touch Wi-FI Module should work with any Smart Phone, Tablet or PC. Simply ..
SMT7001 Smart Touch Grounding Buss
Our optional grounding block is recommended if your components are grounded at your old IOM, n..
SMT004540 Smart Touch Standard Harness Kit
Includes both driver and passenger harnesses for limousines. ..
SMT004541 Smart Touch Passenger Harness Kit (30ft)
6 conductor-30ft ..
SMT004542 Smart Touch Driver Harness Kit (15ft)
9 conductor-15ft ..
SMT004543 Smart Touch Passenger Microphone Cable (6ft)
SMT004544 Smart Touch Driver Microphone Cable (10ft)
SMT004545 Smart Touch IR Emitter Cable (12ft)
SMT004546 Smart Touch Passenger Dual Harness (40ft)
6 conductor-40ft ..
SMT004547 Smart Touch Dual Passenger Y Adapter
Y adapter for dual passenger set up. (6 conductor). ..
SMT004548 Smart Touch Passenger/Driver Inercom Speakers
Includes passenger and driver intercom speaker. ..
SMT004581 Smart Touch Solenoid
Please call 800-362-6224 for additional product information or visit the official Smart Touch site b..
SMT004687 Smart Touch Set of Pluggables
Set of 6. ..
SMT004689 Smart Touch Intercom Speaker
Passenger/ driver universal. ..
LED-RGB-MOD LiteSync RGB Driver
The LiteSync RGB driver is the power source to drive RGB (multi-color) LEDs. Used in conjuncti..
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